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Clinical registrar training has changed.

PREP is providing a clear and supportive pathway to endorsement and a career in clinical psychology.

The Psychology Registrar Endorsement Program (PREP) has been developed to provide a complete, engaging and results-focused preparation for clinical psychology.

It's been designed by senior clinical psychologists to directly address the Psychology Board of Australia's requirements for endorsement.

Meanwhile, our experienced training team systematically builds relevant registrar skills with a unique, integrated program of workshops, feedback and support.


A Journey of Development

We’ve integrated theoretical and practical elements of psychology practice into a program of self-paced and live small CPD sessions.


These are supported by PREP supervision options to support the development of practical skill-building.


Registrars also gain the additional benefits of learning alongside peers in a space where feedback is central to honing skills and building confidence.

Why Prep

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For the Clinic Director, Manager or Employer

Coursework has been designed to provide balanced and pragmatic training that will translate into the highest standards of therapy for your clients.

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For the Registrar

PREP provides a uniquely supportive environment and comprehensive access to content, supervision and CPD points to build your capability and confidence as a clinical psychologist.


Being a part of the registrar program has provided me with opportunities to develop my skill set, ask questions, learn through reflection and practice as well as build meaningful relationships with other registrars completing the program.


It has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to gain their clinical endorsement.


Mastering Theory + Practice

PREP registrars achieve an advanced knowledge of theoretical underpinnings that allows them to zoom in on specific therapeutic modalities and presentations but zoom out enough to confidently blend theories and therapies in response to client needs.

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