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How to do your PREP for free?

Matchmaking for Psychologists!


Job Opportunities



If you are keen to do PREP and work for a practice that understands the needs of registrars and values what you bring, we recommend applying to work at one of these businesses as they have committed to providing this training as part of your employment.

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GO2 Health is a medical, specialist and allied health clinic unlike any medical centre you’ve ever been to. We believe in incredible integrated healthcare delivered with opportunity and optimism. Based out of our beautiful new clinic in Everton Park, we are conveniently all under one roof to provide collaborative care across a wide range of medicines and modalities with our aim to help you get more out of life.  


We are also proudly one of the largest Veteran Care practices in the country and specialise in supporting current and former service men and women, emergency services personnel, and their families. We take time to listen, help you with your paperwork and provide a supportive environment and network you can trust. 


GO2 Health believes in better health for everybody, and every body. 


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If you would like to find an amazing clinical psychologist registrar for your team and will be providing them access to PREP please email us with your contact details, your logo and a link to your job advertisement and we will add you to this page and promote you on our socials. 

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