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By design, PREP addresses common gaps in masters training options to produce highly skilled and confident therapists.


We've done this by drawing more than a century of experience across our senior team to develop comprehensive and balanced preparation for a career in clinical psychology.

Teen Psychologist

The team at Benchmark is warm, welcoming, and supportive, making the transition to full-time work in a private practice setting a breeze.


PREP has been a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and expertise.


The regular CPD and supervision sessions have been invaluable in helping me meet the requirements for my clinical endorsement, as well as further my knowledge after university.



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For the Clinic Director, Manager or Employer

Designed by the team behind Benchmark Psychology, you can be assured your registrars have the best training and your clients the best-quality care.


With CPD, CPD + supervision and workplace partnership options, PREP provides your clinic a team of experienced psychologists that are dedicated to the development of your clinicians.

Our workplace partnership model offers you the PREP Team to provide 75% of supervision, collaborating with your in-house team to balance requirements to satisfy your organisation.


  • Outsource registrar training to maintain focus on clinical or business matters

  • Win the recruitment and retention race by offering PREP in your Graduate Program

  • Opt-in for individual and group registrar supervision, CPD and training services

  • Align your clinic with industry-leading professional training, therapists & services

Let us help you recruit a registrar

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For the Registrar

Enjoy the confidence that comes with the support of a team that is dedicated to building the skills and techniques that make capable and confident clinical psychologists.


With CPD and supervision options, and an experienced teaching team, PREP comprehensively covers technique, theory, and practice in a supportive environment where feedback is central to honing skills.

  • Learn with a cohort of peers who can support your professional development and learning

  • Gain clarity and registrar training support end-to-end

  • Conveniently access regular workshops, contemporary research and resources online

  • Feedback and supervision help to quickly build skills, confidence and individual professional identity

  • Build upon knowledge of evidence-based methods of psychology and master the skills required for excellent therapy

How to do your Prep for free

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How PREP Differs

PREP coursework isn’t delivered traditional subjects ‘blocks’ of treatment modalities or disorders. Rather, PREP integrates theory and process in a combination of online self-paced content and small, live, practical CPD sessions enriched with the experience and support of trainers and fellow registrars.


Meanwhile, PREP supervision sessions support the development of practical skill-building that helps students to master the detailed interactions required for the effective application of evidence-based therapies in response to a client’s needs.

Outdoor Study Group


PREP covers all clinical registrar training requirements for the Psychology Board of Australia’s endorsement. 

This provides clarity for registrars, consistent high-quality learning opportunities and leaves no gaps or blind spots in preparation for clinical psychology practice. 


Our workshops are delivered by a team of senior psychologists

who have experience in clinical psychology, policy development, research, and training. PREP registrars are therefore, exposed to well-rounded perspective and content enriched by the experience of the PREP team.


While technique and theory matters, which technique and which theory is less important.  

Hence, PREP is transtheoretical, helping registrars understand where theoretical orientations overlap, where they’re distinctly different, and how they may be applied in practice.

Our unique program and workshop format

provides registrars the additional support that comes from learning alongside peers and where feedback is central to honing registrar skills and building confidence. 


Group, Individual and Workplace Partnership Supervision options

simplify registrar requirements for employers and registrars, and offers peace of mind for those who seek to offer the very best quality care for their clients. 


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